Iowa Falls, a small city of 5,000 located on the Iowa River in north central Iowa, is called “The Scenic City” because of its natural beauty. The Pat Clark Art Collection adds another resource to the community, one that will teach residents of all ages to appreciate “beauty ” in many forms. The original intent of the donor was to offer Ellsworth Community College students and residents of her hometown an opportunity to see the world through her collection. In December of 1997, Pat Clark said: “I’ve learned to love and appreciate the many cultures of the world that are all so beautiful and diverse. I hope everyone who sees the collection, especially the young people, will appreciate that beauty and diversity more than they ever have before.”


***From April 15, 2019 to April 24, 2019 the gallery will be closed for us to get ready for the spring and summer exhibition! Sorry for any inconvenience.


***2019 PCAC Gala is Friday, May 3rd. See the event page for more details!